Sean Downie

Black Belt
- 2023 IBJJF Phoenix Open Super Heavyweight Champion NoGi)
- 2022 IBJJF Phoenix Open Heavyweight Champion (Gi & NoGi)
- 2023 JJWL Phoenix Super Heavyweight Champion (NoGi)
- 2022 JJWL Phoenix Super Heavyweight Champion (Gi & NoGi)
- 5-0 Fight2Win professional record (F2W 227 Submission of the night winner)
- 2016 SJJIF Gi & NoGi World Champion
- 2016 NJBJJF Fall Championship Absolute Champion
- 2016 NABJJF Nationals Gi & NoGi Medium Heavyweight and Absolute Champion

Brown Belt
- IBJJF American Nationals Super Heavyweight Gi & NoGi Runner-Up
- AZBJJF Medium Heavyweight and Open Weight State Champion
- NABJJF Silver State International - Medium Heavyweight Gi & NoGi Champion
- NABJJF Grand Canyon Open- Middleweight champion (Gi & NoGi) + Open Weight champion (Gi & NoGi)
- NAGA Arizona- 1st Place Expert Division (NoGi)
- Arizona Open- Silver Medal Middleweight & Absolute Division

- SJJIF Gi & Nogi Middleweight World Champion
- Metachallenger Finalist (Won Las Vegas Qualifier)
- AZBJJF Southwest Classic Middleweight Champion
- AZBJJF State Championship- 2nd Place Heavyweight Division, 1st Place Open Weight
- NABJJF Grand Canyon Open- 3rd Place Light Heavyweight (Nogi), 2nd Place Light Heavyweight (Gi)
- AZBJJF Arizona Open Light Heavyweight Champion

- SJJIF World Championships- 3rd place Light Heavyweight (Gi)
- AZBJJF Southwest Classic- Heavyweight and Open Weight Champion
- AZBJJF State Championship- 2nd place Middleweight 3rd Place Open weight Notable Purple Belt Accomplishment:

- Laguna Open Light Heavyweight Champion (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Hailee Scarangello

Mighty Mites Head Instructor/Youth BJJ/Homeschool Program Assistant Instructor Hailee is an exceptional athlete who commenced her journey in Jiu-Jitsu at the tender age of four via the Youth BJJ Program of Lotus Club Arizona. With more than ten years of experience in training and competition, she has built an impressive profile as a youth competitor. Presently, as a full-time athlete and instructor, Hailee is carving a niche for herself in the industry and motivating others with her unwavering commitment and fervor for the sport.

Adult/Juvenile Resume:
- 2022 NoGi World Champion Lightweight + Open Weight
- 2022 Nogi Pan American Champion Lightweight + Open Weight
- 2022 IBJJF Phoenix Open Open Weight Champion
- 2022 IBJJF Orlando Open Lightweight Champion
- 2022/2021 IBJJF World Championship Lightweight + Open Weight Silver Medalist
- 2022 IBJJF San Diego Open Lightweight Champion
- 2022 IBJJF Pan American Championship Lightweight Silver Medalist + Open Weight Bronze Medalist
- 2021 IBJJF Jiu Jitsu Con Middleweight Champion
- 2021 IBJJF American Nationals Middleweight Champion
- 2021 IBJJF New Orleans Open Middleweight + Open Weight Champion

Youth Resume:
- 2016 IBJJF Pan Kids Champion
- 2015 IBJJF American National Champion
- 2015 IBJJF Pan Kids Champion
- 2014 IBJJ American National Champion
- 2014 IBJJF Pan Kids Champion


Kickboxing Coach Kristian is a vital member of our coaching staff, teaching both our adult and youth kickboxing classes as well as assisting with our group fitness classes. Kristian brings a high level of intensity and passion with each of his classes and truly cares about each and every member in our gym.

Doug Gayagas

Jiu Jitsu INstructor Doug, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, leads our 5 a.m. Jiu-Jitsu classes. A Hawaii native, Doug is known for his laid-back attitude, providing a refreshing start to the day for our early birds who attend our 5 a.m. classes. Doug has an extensive martial arts background with many years of instruction in multiple disciplines

Kade Moffit

Wrestling Coach Kade is a highly skilled wrestler with an impressive track record. He had a remarkable 52-6 record during his senior year of high school and was an Arizona Sectional Champion. Kade was also a member of the Arizona National Team and holds the record for most takedowns in a single season at Liberty High School. In 2017, he was awarded the career MVP. After graduating, Kade shifted his focus to NoGi grappling in Jiu-Jitsu and has had a successful competitive career, winning multiple IBJJF and ADCC Open tournaments. Kade leads yoour Youth Wrestling program and plays a significant role in training adults in takedowns and NoGi grappling.

Grappling Resume:
- ADCC Open Mexico Men’s 83kg Advanced Champion
- 1-0 Fight 2 Win professional grappling record
- 2023 USA Grappling Team Qualifier Champion
- 2022 IBJJF European NoGi Champion
- 2022 IBJJF Phoenix Open Weight and Open Class Champion
- 2021 IBJJF Orlando Open Champion
- 2021 IBJJF New Orleans Open Weight and Open Class Champion
- 2021 Arizona NoGi State Weight and Open Class Champion