Sean Downie

Owner / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Accomplishments:
Black Belt
-2016 SJJIF Gi & NoGi World Champion
-2016 NJBJJF Fall Championship Absolute Champion
-2016 NABJJF Nationals Gi & NoGi Medium Heavyweight and Absolute Champion
-2016 AZBJJF Southwest Classic 2nd Place Medium Heavyweight division/3rd Place Absolute Division

Brown Belt
-IBJJF American Nationals Super Heavyweight Gi & NoGi Runner-Up
- AZSBJJF Medium Heavyweight and Open Weight State Champion
- NABJJF Silver State International - Medium Heavyweight Gi & NoGi Champion
- NABJJF Grand Canyon Open- Middleweight champion (Gi & NoGi) + Open Weight champion (Gi & NoGi)
-NAGA Arizona- 1st Place Expert Division (NoGi)
-Arizona Open- Silver Medal Middleweight & Absolute Division

-SJJIF Gi & Nogi Middleweight World Champion
-Metachallenger Finalist (Won Las Vegas Qualifier)
-NAGA Arizona 2nd Place Expert Division
-AZBJJF Southwest Classic Middleweight Champion
-AZBJJF State Championship- 2nd Place Heavyweight Division, 1st Place Open Weight
-NABJJF Grand Canyon Open- 3rd Place Light Heavyweight (Nogi), 2nd Place Light Heavyweight (Gi)
-AZBJJF Arizona Open Light Heavyweight Champion

SJJIF World Championships- 3rd place Light Heavyweight (Gi)
AZBJJF Southwest Classic- Heavyweight and Open Weight Champion
AZBJJF State Championship- 2nd place Middleweight 3rd Place Open weight

Notable Purple Belt Accomplishment:
Laguna Open Light Heavyweight Champion (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Jameea Gunn

Pee Wee Instructor Jameea is our main instructor for our Pee Wee (4-7 year old) group. Jameea is a highly active and accomplished competitor who has come up through each youth belt ranking through our kids program. Jameea is now an active Juvenile Blue Belt and takes great care in ensuring that each of our young students receives the same attention to detail, structure and discipline that has helped her along her own personal journey. As a direct product of our youth program, Jameea cuts no corners and is focused on building strong foundations for our little ones.

Mike Lavera

Kickboxing Instructor Mike a native of Arizona joined the Lotus Club family in 2019 to run the advanced kickboxing program. He has been training kickboxing since 2006 at the valleys own Sitan Gym AZ under Thiago Azeredo along with traveling to Sitan Gym NY to train and compete under Aziz Nabih. Grateful for the opportunity to teach at Lotus Club, Mike's primary goal is to bring quality kickboxing for all ages to enjoy along with constant improvement of his own skills to help produce a top fight team out of North Peoria.

Doug Gayagas

Jiu Jitsu INstructor Doug, a BJJ Brown Belt, leads our 5am Jiu Jitsu classes. A Hawaii native, Doug is known for his laid back attitude, providing a refreshing start to the day for our early birds who attend our 5am classes. Doug has an extensive martial arts background with many years of BJJ instruction under his belt.

Roxanne Kruzel

Fitness Instructor Roxanne Kruzel has been a professional fitness instructor for almost 10 years. Roxanne teaches a wide variety of dance, HIRT, bootcamp, Pilates type classes to a wide range of ages. Roxanne has taught her classes at Fitness 1 gyms, Gold's Gyms, EOS gyms, Fitness Works and now the Lotus Club Fight & Fitness Center. Roxanne is a 35yr old wife and mother to 2 awesome kids and loves taking yoga classes and reading during her down time. She grew up has a competitive softball athlete and played college softball at Brigham Young University - Hawaii. So the transition into a fitness career was destined and nothing makes her more happier then to see people reach their fitness goals.

Kristian Miletics

Kickboxing Coach Kristian is a vital member of our coaching staff, teaching both our adult and youth kickboxing classes as well as assisting with our group fitness classes. Kristian brings a high level of intensity and passion with each of his classes and truly cares about each and every member in our gym.